Updates from EPA on the Portage Creek and Kalamazoo River PCB cleanup

EPA held a public meeting on January 9, 2013 to provide updates on their progress in Portage Creek. Copies of the three presentations from the meeting are available on EPA’s Kalamazoo River Project website.

Portage Creek PCB Cleanup

In 2012, EPA completed PCB removal at five sections of Portage and Axtell Creeks as part of a Time-Critical Removal Action. EPA announced that they met their PCB cleanup objectives for all of the sections they worked on in 2012. They dredged sediments from 12 – 70 inches deep, which EPA reported was deeper than expected. In total they removed just over 13,000 cubic yards of sediment.

EPA anticipates cleanup work will begin again in mid-March of 2013. They will continue cleanup efforts in four sections downstream of the 2012 sites. The last site in Portage Creek near the confluence of the Kalamazoo River might not be completed until 2014. Click here to download a copy of the presentation.

Landfills at Operable Units

EPA provided updates on progress at Operable Unit (OU) 1, OU2, and OU4 located within the Superfund Site. The feasibility study for OU1 is being conducted and public comment on the proposed plan is forthcoming. EPA anticipates the Record of Decision in Fall 2013. Remedial actions have taken place at OU2, including consolidation and capping of PCB-laden wastes at Willow Boulevard and A-Site. Groundwater monitoring is ongoing. Remedial actions have taken place at OU4, including consolidation, capping, and venting. A groundwater monitoring system was also installed. Click here to download a copy of the presentation.

Kalamazoo River Project Update

EPA Remedial Project Manager Jim Saric provided an update on several parts of OU5 and OU7. There are many documents that have recently been completed or are anticipated in 2013. Click here to download a copy of the presentation.

  • Area 1: Supplemental Remedial Investigation (SRI) June 2012, Feasibility Study October 2012, Proposed Remedy Decision anticipated Winter 2013/14
  • Area 2: SRI November 2012, Feasibility Study anticipated Summer 2013
  • Area 3: SRI anticipated November 2013
  • Area 4: Work Plan November 2012, sampling anticipated 2013-2015
  • OU7: Remedial Investigation Report anticipated Spring 2013, Feasibility Study anticipated Spring 2013, Proposed Remedy Decision anticipated Summer 2014

The KRWC has copies of the Area 1 SRI and draft Feasibility Study and Area 2 draft SRI. If you would like to request copies, please contact Jamie McCarthy (269-978-4606).