Rain Barrels

Did you know lawn and garden watering can account for as much as 40 percent of household water use during the summer?

The Kalamazoo River Watershed Council promotes rain barrels as an excellent way to collect and reuse water.

Kalamazoo River Watershed Council rain barrelsA rain barrel is a simple vessel used to capture and store rain water that typically runs off your roof during a storm. Rain barrels are an easy way to harvest the rain water that normally runs into the streets and down the storm drain. All that rain water rushes into the nearest lake or stream without being filtered. Large volumes of rain runoff can erode stream channels, harm aquatic wildlife, and overdose waterways with large amounts of nutrients that can cause harmful algae blooms.

Once harvested, the water can be used to water gardens during dry periods. We’ll help walk you though some important decisions before buying and installing a rain barrel.

Rain Barrel Guide

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